Cloud Based Tools are really popular and convenient and developers are turning into them to save time and make things easier for them. There are plenty of cloud based platform and tools and its really confusing and hard for developers to decide which one to choose and start working with. In this post i have compiled a list of 09 best cloud based tools for developers. To be honest i have compiled the list according to the users review, company profile and users. I am also starting in the cloud platform to get to what i want and start using it for better results. I hope this list put you on the right path. Ciao!

New Relic

New Relic 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

New Relic is the only dashboard you need to keep an eye on application health and availability. Real user monitoringserver utilizationcode-level diagnostics, and more. Get direct visibility into your RubyPHPJava,.NETPython and Node.js apps. New Relic is a better way to monitor and boost performance for your entire web app environment. Complete visibility anytime you want it.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Your favorite tools are now even better. With Creative Cloud, you’ll always have access to the very latest Adobe desktop apps, including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and more. Simply download the latest updates when you’re ready — in the last few months, they’ve added more than 150 new features in their pro video tools alone. Plus you’ll have seamless ways to keep settings, files, and feedback from team members in sync.

Google Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Cloud Playground is a place for developers to experiment and play with some of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform, such as Google App EngineGoogle Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL. Think of the playground as an easy way to get to know these services, or just quickly try out a new API, without having to download the SDK or having to run ‘ update’ every time you want to test your changes.


Heroku 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Write apps in your language – they support Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python and Scala. Use technologies you already love and discover new ones through their Add-ons platform. Add Postgres, New Relic, Papertrail, Redis, Mailgun, or pick from dozens of other cloud services. Deploy instantly from the command line using Git.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.


Joyent 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company, offering organizations of any size the best public and hybrid cloud infrastructure for today’s demanding real-time web and mobile applications.


Kinvey 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Kinvey is a Backend as a Service provider that makes it ridiculously easy for developers to setup, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile apps. They don’t have to worry about connecting to various cloud services, setting up servers for their backend, or maintaining and scaling them.


GitHub 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over four million people use GitHub to build amazing things together. With the collaborative features of, their desktop and mobile apps, and GitHub Enterprise, it has never been easier for individuals and teams to write better code, faster.

Cloud Code

Cloud Code 9 Best Cloud Based Tools For Developers

Add rich, custom logic to your app’s backend without servers. Parse SDKs for your clients and Cloud Code for your custom backend logic. Parse Cloud runs the Parse JavaScript SDK to access your data. It’s the same powerful SDK on the client and in the cloud.Use an intuitive command line interface to deploy your Cloud Code.